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My column from the Athens Banner Herald from March 15,2009:

Of all the elements of interior design, art is the most personal. The purpose of art is to evoke an emotional response, whether it is to the subject, the colors, the rhythm or some other aspect of the work. When selecting art, choose only those pieces that …….

Greene: Hanging artwork should follow some guidelines | Athens Banner-Herald.


17-year Light Bulb

Okay, so light¬† bulbs are a decidedly un-glamorous subject — but absolutely necessary to life in the twenty-first century. And I thought this was just TOO cool. It lasts 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb and 3 times longer than a CFL. Many thanks to Re-Nest (Apartment Therapy’s “green” blog).

Peerless Peacocks

At any given moment in the design world, there are numerous motifs (decorative elements) in use.

Examples might be the parasol depicted in chinoiserie designs, the bee utilized in Napoleonic times or the tudor rose carved into 16th century English woodwork.

One motif we’re seeing a lot more of lately is brightly plumed birds. Many of these bright beauties display yellows, greens, reds and blues and are found on fabrics and wallpapers and in paintings.

The most popular recently has been the peacock. This beautiful blue and green bird is represented not only in art and statuary; its image also adorns lamps, has been woven into rugs and embroidered onto pillows.¬† More…

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